Jan 7, 2016

How to Remove Sticky Greasy Residue

How to Remove Sticky Greasy Residue | Chief Family Officer

I actually didn't want to share this with the world, because the state of the top of my fridge was rather mortifying - it was covered in a sticky, greasy residue that had in turn collected a thick layer of black dust. In fact, I hadn't intended to share this story at all, but when I saw how well the solution worked, I thought maybe some embarrassment on my part would help someone else solve the same problem.

Feel free to ignore this post if you have a spotless kitchen. I envy you and would love it if you shared your housekeeping secrets.

But read on, if you've ever struggled to remove a sticky film from surfaces in your kitchen.

Because the answer is surprisingly simple and easy: dishwasher detergent.

I'm not kidding even a little bit. I'd tried tackling the top of the fridge with various products, including one of the extra tough Mr. Clean magic erasers. But I got almost nowhere even with my utmost elbow grease.

You can tell I wasn't planning on sharing this discovery with anyone because I didn't even start taking pictures until partway through the process - the before picture above is actually after I started wiping with the dishwasher detergent and saw how miraculously it was working.

I used Finish brand gel, but my guess is that any dishwasher detergent of reasonable quality would work.

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