Aug 7, 2014

Chief Family Officer's Favorite Things: Powdered Sunscreen

Powdered Sunscreen -

Thanks to my boys' constant participation in sports, I spend a lot of time in the sun. But the irony is, I hate being in the sun. My skin burns easily, and I quickly turn red in the heat. So I'm known as the lady with the parasol, because I have a lovely one that I always have with me.

But even when I have my own shade, I think it's important to have a coat of sunscreen on my face. A few weeks ago, I was slathering on some Neutrogena lotion at the soccer field, when another mom saw me and showed me her recent find:

It's powdered sunscreen! It goes on like regular translucent powder, but it has a mineral powder sunscreen that you can just brush on your face.

I've been using the powder regularly since. It goes on easily, and actually works great as a basic powder to minimize shine, with the added benefit of sun protection and no gooey mess.

I do usually still rub in a layer of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer before I leave the house, and then use the powder to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. I'm so excited to have found powdered sunscreen!

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