Feb 2, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: Week of Feb 3, 2014

Every week when I write up my menu plan, I kind of dread doing it. Which is odd, because it's the kind of thing you'd think I'd enjoy - after all, it's food-related, involves planning, and saves money. And yet, I really don't enjoy it, probably because I'm not nearly as organized as I'd like to be. There are inevitable curveballs each week, my kids are rather picky, we have a crazy afternoon/evening schedule because of sports, and I'm busy!

But I create my menu plan anyway, because I know how much better our week will be if I have one. Even if I don't follow it exactly {which I don't, as evidenced below}, we still eat better and save more money than if I didn't make one. So, although our schedule is changing yet again thanks to new practice times this week, here's what I've got planned:

Monday - Chicken Pasta Salad with Broccoli, Sun-dried Tomatoes and Kalamta Olives {didn't get to this last week}, Salad

Tuesday - Turkey Meatloaf Burgers, Roasted Butternut Squash

Wednesday - Sandwiches, Crudite

Thursday - Cornbread Mexican Pizza, Salad {meant to but didn't get to this last week}

Friday - Sauteed Mushrooms with Toasted Flatbread and Baked Eggs {didn't get to this last week either}

Saturday - Dinner out

Sunday - Tuna Noodle Casserole

I'm also going to make some Magic Bars {though I find that I need to double the amount of crackers in the base}, some kind of cookie, and some type of freezable breakfast item.

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