Apr 22, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: Week of 4/23/2012

If my menu looks a lot like last week's, it's because I was looking at the wrong week on the calendar when I transferred the info here (apparently a peril of planning ahead, LOL). But here's what I'm planning for this week:

Monday - Pasta Bolognese, Steamed Broccoli, Garlic Butterhorns, Raspberry Crisp

Tuesday - Summer Couscous Salad with Shrimp, Strawberry Jam Crumb Cake

Wednesday - Meatloaf, Garlic Butterhorns, Sweet Potato Streuseled Casserole

Thursday - Roast Beef Hash, Creamed Spinach, Garlic Butterhorns (that should be the last of the first batch I made), Fruit crisp

Friday - Udon noodles with Vegetables

Saturday - Dinner out

Sunday - Dinner out

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Sisters Playing House said...

I love creamed spinach - reminds me that I need to plant some spinach this week.
Come check out our menu for the week: