Mar 27, 2012

Shopping & Cash Experiment Update - March 27

I'm doing a modified all-cash experiment for my grocery and drugstore spending in March. After setting some parameters, my total stood at $402.16 when I gave my last update, 20 days into the month.

Today, on Day 27, I went over budget. That's right, I crossed the $500 mark in spending for the month at Trader Joe's this morning.

I could have stayed under budget. But that would have eliminated some donation and stock-up items, and I'd rather spend a little extra while paying as little for them as possible.

Right now, I'm just over budget, but I will probably spend a little more before the month is over - I haven't been to the Farmer's Market or Whole Foods yet this week!

I want to gather my thoughts over the next week or so, and then I'll share my final impressions about this cash experiment with you.

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