Apr 1, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: Week of 4/2/2012

I want to try a longer menu plan to see if it makes life a little easier, but I got completely overwhelmed when I started with a month-long menu plan. So I made up a two-week menu plan, and I can kind of see how it will help the bigger picture, because I'm looking ahead to see what nights will be too busy to really cook, etc. For example, one of the boys has a baseball late today, so we'll be home way past any cooking time. I'm going to make everything ahead and have it waiting for us when we get home.

Monday - Sandwiches, Fruit, Cookies

Tuesday - Pasta Bolognese, Salad, Garlic Butterhorns {I've been tweaking Money Saving Mom's recipe to give it more flavor - adapted recipe to come soon}

Wednesday - Miso-Glazed Cod, Rice, Daikon (Japanese radish) cooked in a sweet soy and dashi sauce

Thursday - Salmon Cakes, Sweet Potato Casserole, Sauteed Green Beans

Friday - Roman Fish Soup, Garlic Butterhorns {the recipe made a huge batch but really freezes and bakes up great}

Saturday - Dinner out {making Roasted Asparagus for a pot luck}

Sunday - Dinner out

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