Jan 19, 2012

How much sleep do adults need?

I met two of my girlfriends for breakfast a while back, and we got around to discussing an issue that's common for most (if not all) moms: lack of sleep. One of my friends said that she just read that women over 40 ideally should get about six hours of sleep per night. Since I'm not quite 40, it made curious about how much sleep women in their 30's need, and how that changes over the years.

In general, adults need seven to eight hours of sleep (though you, or someone you know, may thrive on as little as five or be cranky if they get less than 10). If you find yourself getting sleepy during the day, you are probably not getting enough sleep. Also, older adults sleep more lightly and awaken more frequently, so they may need to nap.

Basically, it seems like you need to find the right amount of sleep for you, whatever stage you're at.

Personally, I used to need a solid eight hours when I was in my early 20's, but now seven seems like the right number for me. I wouldn't object to more, though!

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Calvin said...

That's exactly what I thought that adults need 7 - 8 hours to sleep however I don't feel like it's enough for me. I need at least 9 to feel good.
Maybe I'm not adult yet:)