Jan 17, 2012

Week in Review: 2012 Week 2

Here's an update on how things went with my resolutions last week:

My healthy habit this month - exercise - is still going strong. I really like focusing on one thing, and one thing only. In fact, I'm not even pushing myself to work out hard. That will be a goal for another month. Right now, I just want to work out for 31 straight days and so far, so good.

Instead of one project for the week, I tackled two projects since both were fairly small. The first was doing the ironing - it's something I don't have to do often, but clothing had piled up and I kept putting it off. So, it got done last week. I also went through an area where clutter accumulates and emptied it out. Again, it feels to good to get rid of stuff!

My housecleaning strategy is still very much a work in progress. But I'm seeing improvement. As I said last week, when I actually do the day's cleaning task, it's not that bad and doesn't take that long. It's becoming a little more habitual, which is what I need.

For this coming week, my projects are shredding (I have 1.5 boxes worth of papers waiting) and filing (there's a hefty stack waiting for me, as it's been a few months - I really need to go paperless on more accounts).

How's your year going so far?

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