Nov 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Saving Us Money

I have to admit that every week, Sunday night will roll around and I'll sigh and groan inwardly that I have to come up with a menu for the week. However, I have to admit that because my menu is planned, my week is so much easier. I know what can be done ahead of time, so I am more likely to prep ahead. If something needs to be defrosted, it comes out of the freezer so that I'm not standing in the kitchen at 4 p.m. bemoaning the fact that all of my meat is frozen. And that means less eating out, which means saving money. So, here's what I'm thinking for this week:

Monday - Turkey & Fontina Paninis with Cream of Broccoli Soup (I bought a 10-pound bag of potatoes at Ralphs last week, and have only used a few potatoes so far)

Tuesday - Tuna & Corn Croquettes (plus extra mashed potatoes for the freezer), Sautéed Butternut Squash

Wednesday - Tacos and Salad

Thursday - Miso Marinated Chicken and some kind of veggie to be purchased this week

Friday - Ground Beef Hash and some kind of veggie to be purchased this week

Saturday - ??? (We have a late-afternoon birthday party to attend, so I'm not sure what we'll be doing for dinner, possibly leftovers.)

Sunday - Hanukkah get together; I'm making Noodle Kugel and cookies

See more weekly menus at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Miz Helen said...

Your menu looks great. I would love your Taco's and Salad. Thank you for sharing and have a good week.

Michelle said...

Great menu, I love visiting MPM's links, I never to get stuck for ideas, thank you for sharing you. Stop by my home if you have time. Have a wonderful day.