Nov 26, 2010

Some Quick Updates

  • I see there's a new Ralphs ad online that runs through November 30, so I'll work on those match ups tonight.

  • Wild for Wags has some fantastic Black Friday scenarios for Walgreens that made my shopping super easy.

  • I am loving our Cisco Valet Plus Wireless Router. We're usually slow to acquire new technology simply because of cost, and the only reason we finally got a wireless router is because our old router died. We just hooked our Nintendo Wii up to the internet, so it'll fun to see what (if anything) we can now do with it.

  • I made a double batch of my favorite sweet potato dish, Cooking Light's Streuseled Sweet Potato Casserole. It took three 3-lb bags of sweet potatoes, so that's a lot of sweet potatoes. I omitted the nuts (for allergy reasons) and substituted quick oats for the flour in my topping.

  • My new favorite way of preparing green beans is to sauté them with a little butter, olive oil, salt, pepper and minced garlic until they're lightly browned. It makes them seem overdone because they're not that nice bright green anymore, but they taste amazing.

  • Thanks to all of the recent grocery deals, both of my fridges and freezers are stuffed. I don't know that I'll be buying more than produce and dairy for a few weeks! Look for my upcoming weekly menu plans to incorporate lots of pantry and freezer items.

  • I recently made a bread pudding using (gulp!) Coffee-Mate to replace some milk, and it imparted a creamy texture and sweetness that was delicious. The nutritional content is appalling, but no one needs to know that ;)

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