Aug 2, 2005

The Easiest Way To Brush Your Teeth

A few weeks ago, I went to the dentist and got a "C-minus" for the condition of my teeth and gums. I had stopped using my old Sonicare Advance toothbrush because the battery had died, but on my dentist's recommendation, have begun using the newer Sonicare Elite. I had forgotten how good it feels to use a Sonicare - my teeth feel cleaner, and with less effort. Sonicare toothbrushes have a built-in timer, so it's easy to brush each quadrant of your mouth for 30 seconds. A full charge lasts two weeks, so traveling with a Sonicare is easy.

The best part - at least for my vanity - is that my teeth are whiter, and I don't even use a whitening toothpaste. For me, this is the most practical way to whiten my teeth, because I have bonding on the bottom of both of my front teeth and chemicals wouldn't whiten them - basically, I'd end up with teeth that were white on the top two-thirds, and a light beige on the bottom third. Not pretty. I actually got my first Sonicare before my wedding to lighten my teeth, not because I cared about their condition.

One caution - Sonicare toothbrushes are not for everyone. I know someone who got massive headaches from using one. Even my dentist can't use one, but his wife does.

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