Aug 2, 2005

Photography Tips

CNN has photography tips for travelers, but some of them - like how to compose a shot - apply to any photograph. I think such tips are important because I have so little artistic sense that I needed Marc to point out that it's good to fill the shot with my subject.

Here's the most important tip of all, though - the secret to photographing well is to smile like a maniac. I mean, your cheeks should hurt. I've never been photogenic, but at least now most of the pictures of me with Alex are acceptable. Here's an example:

This one was taken a couple of years ago. Blech.

This one was taken the day after Alex was born. Considering the state I was in, it's a pretty good picture - all because I was smiling as hugely as I possibly could (it's not like I was in a good mood, either - I was still recovering from giving birth and wondering who the heck this little helpless baby was and what I was supposed to do with him, I had no idea how to breastfeed, and I hated being in the hospital).

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