May 6, 2024

Weekly Roundup: Cozy Mysteries, Volunteer from Home, Menu Planning

I've been enjoying watching the NBA playoffs with my husband and son. In the last couple of years, our son has come to love the NBA and can talk in-depth about stats and strategy in ways I didn't even know existed. I don't share his love of the sport, but I do love spending time with him so any chance I get, I'll watch with him. So you know where to find me when there's a game on! (I've marked affiliate/referral links with a *, which means I may make a little bit of money if you make a purchase or sign up using that link - thank you!):

  • I just finished two mystery series that I greatly enjoyed: Wrexford & Sloane* by Andrea Penrose and Lady Julia Grey* by Deanna Raybourn.

  • If you or your child are looking for a way to do some volunteering from home, here are two ideas: 1) Zooniverse, which is a site that lets you contribute to difference research projects; and 2) Operation Gratitude, which has multiple ways to volunteer. If your child needs documented community service hours, Operation Gratitude will give hours if you follow their instructions. My sons have made hats for them using these round plastic looms* and YouTube tutorials like this one.

  • I finally started menu planning again, because even with insurance my surgery was costly, and I want to save money. When I plan ahead, even if I don't feel like cooking, knowing that the ingredients are already in the kitchen is usually enough to make me cook anyway. Plus as mentioned previously, I've been focusing on meals that are particularly easy to prepare. This old post from 2013 still applies when it comes to how menu planning saves us money.

  • This week's easy dinner recipe is Creamy Tuscan Shrimp and Orzo. It's a one-pot meal that I'll make again, although I think it could use it a bit more flavor (maybe some fresh basil at the end) and more than 5 ounces of spinach.

  • One of my favorite charities to donate to is One Simple Wish, which supports children and adults who are or have been in the foster care system. It's easy to grant a wish for things like clothes for summer camp, a cozy blanket, etc. There are also opportunities to support college students, send students abroad, and more.

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