Apr 29, 2024

Weekly Roundup: Book Thoughts, Cheap Ben & Jerry's, and Food Thoughts

One of the best things to come out of the pandemic was the new ways we use technology, but I have three webinars to attend on my calendar this week, which feels like too much. I've got nothing like that scheduled the following the week so I suppose it balances out. Mostly, it makes me realize that I want in-person contact too, so I need to reach out to my friends and see if anyone wants to meet up soon. Am I the only one who feels this way? In the meantime, here's what caught my attention this past week (I've marked affiliate/referral links with a *, which means I may make a little bit of money if you make a purchase or sign up using that link - thank you!):

  • I'm on the last book in the Finlay Donovan series,* which is less mystery and more suspense than my usual reads. I really like the novels, but the thing is, they make me so uncomfortable because the protagonist gets into such absurd situations that I can't see how she'll get out of them (although at least once or twice each book, I find myself laughing out loud). In fact, the situations are so absurd that I should lose all respect for her for getting into them and lose interest in the books, except that the stories are crafted so well that I can't blame her for what happens. So, I highly recommend the series ... but don't blame me if the stories make you uncomfortable too. And if you have a series that you feel this way about, please let me know about it!

  • Speaking of reading - For the last few years, I've read over 100 books each year, so the library is my friend. Which is why I was horrified to learn that libraries have to pay more for digital books compared to physical books, and compared to the regular consumer like you and me. It's particularly upsetting because the libraries are just purchasing a license - they don't actually own the ebooks, they only get to lend them out for a few years and then have to pay again to continue lending them out.

  • If you're a Ralphs/Kroger shopper and like Ben & Jerry's ice cream, there's a fantastic deal that I happened to stumble upon - if you buy 5 pints and clip the coupon that makes them $2.99 each, you'll pay just $1.99 per pint after the $5 Catalina coupon that should print at the register. Kroger Krazy has all the details, including how much you'll get back if you buy fewer than 5 pints. 

  • This week, I learned that you should put warm food in the fridge for maximum food safety. It turns out the lesson from my childhood that doing so would spoil the other food in the fridge has been outdated by new technology in refrigeration.

  • This week's easy recipe is Pork Chops in a Creamy Mustard Sauce. Super easy, and the sauce was delicious. In fact, I might double the sauce ingredients the next time I make this to ensure there's plenty to pour on veggies too. (Unlike last week's recipe, I didn't make any changes.)

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