Mar 26, 2022

Recipe Roundup: Fish Tacos, 2 Cakes, 3 Dips

It's been a while since I've posted, and even longer since I shared a recipe roundup. So here are some recipes I've made recently that I would make again. Let me know what you've made recently that I should try!

Fish Tacos - Fish tacos often seem to feature breaded fried fish, so I loved that in this recipe, the fish was marinated and then seared. I was surprised at how much my husband liked the fish, and I loved the red cabbage slaw that goes with it. I'm definitely making this again, especially because it worked great with frozen defrosted tilapia.

Chocolate Stout Cake with Irish Cream Frosting - I've been a Patreon supporter of Hummingbird High for a couple of years now, and it gives me access to exclusive monthly recipes. I made this one for St. Patrick's Day, and it was a hit with my family. I think I overbaked the cake a little because it was a bit dry, and I discovered that I don't love Irish cream. So in a way, it was the perfect cake for me - my family ate it all, and I wasn't tempted!

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake - As classic as this dessert is, I'd never made one before. RecipeTin Eats is one of my go-to sites, and as usual, her recipe was a hit. I loved this cake - it's not one-bowl easy, but there's nothing difficult about it. I did have to get a 9-inch cake pan* because I only had 8-inch pans, but that worked out because I used the 9-inch pan for the Chocolate Stout Cake too. Usually, I only love cake with chocolate, but I will definitely make this one again. (*This is an Amazon affiliate link so I'll earn a small commission if you order anything using it - thank you! Read my disclosure policy here.)

Cannoli Dip - I think this is one of those recipes that's more fun in theory than practice. It tasted good, but you can only eat a little bit. So maybe what I really mean is that this recipe is for a party, not a small family. Even though the leftovers last a while, we didn't finish them. But I could see this dip being a hit at parties, with cookies and even fresh fruit.

Buffalo Chicken Dip - This dip was, not surprisingly, on the spicy side. The teenager who loves spice liked it. The teenager who doesn't like spice hardly touched it. I froze the leftovers and gave the container to my in-laws, and my father-in-law loved it.

Spinach and Shrimp Dip - Recipes from TikTok usually aren't easy to follow, unless there's a link to a full recipe or it's written down in the comments. So I used this video as more of a guide (e.g., I cut the shrimp into bite-size pieces instead of putting them down whole). But it was quite tasty, and I would make it again - it's great as an appetizer or a main dish.

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