May 9, 2021

Random Roundup Mother's Day Edition: Books, Recipes & Meal Ideas, Work Outs + More

 It's been a while! (Again.) Things have been kind of crazy, but I'm thrilled that my husband, my oldest son and myself are vaccinated now (we just got our second doses). I've got my fingers crossed that my younger son can get his first shot this week! (We experienced almost no side effects from the first shot; we all got Pfizer. I had about 12 hours when I felt like I was coming down with the flu, and my son had a headache and a little nausea for about 24 hours. My husband was perfectly fine.)

At the end of April, we had another stretch of adaptation because our school district implemented a new hybrid schedule. The schedule for middle and high school students involves staying in homeroom and attending virtual classes, so my kids chose to stay fully virtual. But their schedule still changed because the bell schedule changed, and I had to spend some extra energy trying to remember when lunchtime is, when they get out of class, etc.

During this pandemic, I've really noticed that sometimes little things suck up my energy, which explains why I don't have the will to do things I normally get done. Sometimes I just accept it (especially if they're temporary), and sometimes I try to figure out ways to eliminate the energy drains. With the schedule, I did both - I accepted it the first week, but as soon the final schedule was released for the following week, I printed out several copies and posted them where I can easily see them so I don't have to keep checking my email.

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Here's more of what's been going on ...


Thanks to #Read21in21, I'm still reading a lot. I haven't done book roundups the last couple of months, but I do post every book I finish on Instagram. Thus far, I've read over 50 books, which has got to be a personal best for me in such a short time span. (At least as an adult. As a child, I was a voracious reader, and I wouldn't be surprised if I used to read 50 books every month or two.)

Some highlights have been the Port Danby and Book Collector series - lighthearted mysteries that are easy and fun to read. But the book that has had the greatest impact on me was The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias by Dolly Chugh - it helped me understand systemic racism in an articulable way for the first time. It also gave me motivation and tools for continuing to learn and grow to be the person I mean to be.


Like a lot of people, I'm still cooking a lot. For Easter, I made these Bunny Cinnamon Rolls:

I got the idea from Instagram, although I can't find the post that inspired me. These are just Immaculate  Baking's cinnamon rolls in a can. All I had to do was pull them apart, then unwind each roll a little bit to form the bunny ears.

For Passover, I made this 4-Ingredient Flourless Chocolate Cake, which my husband said was the best cake I've ever made because it was crunchy on top and soft inside. That's not exactly my ideal cake, but I'm probably going to make this every Passover now.

Recently, I made Buri Daikon, which is yellowtail (hamachi) simmered with daikon radish in a soy sauce mixture. It was quite good:

Some super easy meals I make involve cold cuts - either sandwiches or a charcuterie platter. The freshly prepared pasta from Truffle Dealers is delicious, although a little pricey (I order them as add ons to my Edible Gardens LA weekly delivery). My favorite ramen is now Sun Noodle Miso Ramen - it's particularly delicious with some greens and a poached egg. (Their other flavors are good too. My only complaint is that I can't made heads or tails of the expiration date sticker.)


I signed up for the Peloton app after reading How to Trick Yourself Into Liking Running. I realized that I too would like to have someone encouraging me to push myself, and it's been awesome. (I will admit that the cult-ish way the overall group is referred to as "Peloton," as in, "So glad you're here today, Peloton," is a little off-putting.)


I can't wait to go to the farmer's market in two weeks, when I'm fully vaccinated. I've really appreciated being able to get deliveries from Edible Gardens LA, and I'll probably continue to order from them at least periodically. But I am so looking forward to picking out my own produce, and buying my sons' favorite tamales and croissants!


It's Mother's Day, so I can't sign off without wishing all the moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day! But I still remember how hard this day was the year I had my second miscarriage, and I know some have lost their mothers, and others have strained relationships with their mothers or as mothers. If this day is hard for you, please know that you're not alone!

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