Mar 9, 2020

My Favorite Food Blogs

I've been an avid home cook since before I got married. I learned to love food and cooking from my parents, especially my dad, who still makes my favorite breakfast of eggs, bacon and rice. But once I was out on my own, I learned from Sara Moulton, who was then executive chef at Gourmet magazine and host of an excellent Food Network show called Cooking Live. She would literally cook a meal live while answering viewer questions for an hour.

My Favorite Food Blogs

But times have changed, and these days, I get most of my cooking advice and inspiration from my favorite food blogs. Here are the sites I'm always happy to see pop up in my feed:

Recipe Tin Eats - I love the variety of dishes Nagi shares, but in all honesty, even when the recipe is one I'm not that interested in, I always click through and scroll down to the bottom because every post includes a photo or video of her adorable golden retriever, Dozer. Plus some of Nagi's recipes have become family favorites, like the Baked Beef Tacos and Parmesan Crusted Salmon.

Kitchn - Since this site is under the Apartment Therapy umbrella, there are many contributors, and the posts vary from recipes to housekeeping tips to food trends and more. The recipes are very hit and miss, but I love how practical they often are, whether they're slow cooker, Instant Pot, five-ingredient, or one-pot meals.

Hummingbird High - I've only made a handful of Michelle's recipes, but her cakes are always so beautiful and her writing is personal yet informative. And her book, Weeknight Baking: Recipes to Fit Your Schedule (affiliate link), is amazing in the way it breaks down recipes into chunks so they're very doable. My younger son especially loved the brownies from the book.

Just One Cookbook - I found JOC when I was looking for recipes for the Japanese comfort foods I grew up eating. Nami takes those dishes, which sounded so intimidating to me, and makes them doable, like Kinpira Gobo and Nasu Dengaku.

I am a Food Blog - This is another site where I don't often make the recipes but I enjoy the writing. Mike and Steph travel a lot, so it's a blast reading about their adventures (which are often in Japan).

Love & Olive Oil - My favorite recipe from Lindsay is the Giant Swiss Cake Roll, which has the best recipe for a rollable cake. I don't make a lot of the recipes from here, but I love how pretty the site is.

Bakerella - I've only made a couple of Angie's recipes, but I absolutely love looking at the pictures of her work. Her cake pops are always so perfect!

David Lebovitz - As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I follow his instructions on gelatin, and I enjoy reading his posts, if only for all of the allusions to life in France.

What are your favorite food blogs?


Venessa said...

Mel’s Kitchen Cafe is my favorite food blog, by far! It is amazing. I must’ve made at least 50 recipes off of this website and with the exception of maybe one, they have all been outstanding! Her recipes are relatable, kid friendly, and flavorful. I hope you check her out!

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks, Venessa! Her spinach artichoke dip is our family's favorite version, but I can't remember how I found it and I've never actually checked out her site. But I just added it to my Feedly :)