Mar 5, 2020

Getting Back to Menu Planning

For the last - I don't even know how long - I've gotten away from menu planning. There have been weeks when I've sketched out a plan, but it's been nothing like what I used to do. But I was going through old posts and came across this one from exactly six years ago today, Simplifying My Menu Planning.

Getting Back to Menu Planning

In that post, I wrote about how I had been planning monthly menus, and how a list of thirty meals that my family enjoyed made planning for the entire month easier.

I realized that this would still work for me.

I have to update my list of meals, because my family doesn't like some of those meals now, and we have new favorites. But planning should be easier because our schedule is actually a lot less hectic now that we're not juggling four teams' worth of practices.

I was also reminded of the tremendous benefits of cooking at home. I have been cooking a lot, but I could do a better job of prepping ahead. And a menu plan would help me save more time and money, not to mention stress.

Since it's the beginning of the month, I'm going to Google Calendar and planning our meals for the rest of March. I know I won't stick to the plan, but as I said six years ago, I'm much more likely to cook if I have a plan, even if I'm not following it!

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