Feb 6, 2020

Update on My Whole30 Experience

I'm proud to say I ate Whole30 in January, which (to be completely honest) I wasn't sure I could do.

In a nutshell, I only ate meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and "natural fats" like olive oil and avocado oil. I avoided sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, and alcohol (with a few exceptions like ghee, green beans, and vinegar). I followed these food rules while still feeding my family. For example, I'd make tacos but I wouldn't eat a taco shell, only the filling.

There are other rules, like no snacks and doing nothing else while eating, which I have to admit I didn't abide by, because I was quite overwhelmed just focusing on the actual food.

Update on my Whole30 Experience

And it went pretty well. I didn't struggle too much with cravings, I didn't have massive headaches or digestive discomfort, and I wasn't fatigued.

But I also didn't feel fabulous either, even though the plan says that around the third week, participants often feel spectacular. I have to admit to tremendous disappointment in this regard.

And one of the most difficult parts of Whole30 was that I avoided going out to eat for the entire month. (There's an entire chapter in the Whole30 bible devoted to showing how it's possible to eat out, but it was way too much effort.)

Currently, I'm in the re-introduction phase of Whole30, so I'm eating one of the eliminated foods for one day, then going back to eating Whole30 for two days, and so on. The idea is to gain knowledge of how each of these foods affects me, so I can make informed decisions about eating them in the future.

There are people who do Whole30 regularly, often once a year, as a "reset." I haven't decided if this is something I'd do again. I guess it depends on what happens and how I feel in the next few weeks and months, or even the rest of this year.

Have you ever done Whole30 and if so, how'd it go?

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