Jan 13, 2020

5 Tips for Sticking to the Whole30 or Any New Eating Plan

I'm doing the Whole30 in January, and so far, it's going pretty well. I think in large part it's because there are some strict rules about what not to eat, but lots of flexibility with foods that are compliant with the program. However, that's not to say it's been without some challenges.

5 Tips for Sticking to the Whole30 or Any New Eating Plan

Here are some strategies I'm using to stick to the plan, which I think would be helpful no matter what your new eating plan is:

Meal plan - You might have guessed this would be my first suggestion, since I'm a long-time advocate for meal planning even if you're not on a new eating plan. It's a great way to save money, time and stress, so why wouldn't you do it?

Buy more produce than you think you'll need - Even better, prep (and cook, if applicable) your produce ahead of time. Whole30 meals include a lot of veggies, and it took me a week and a half of constantly cooking before I realized that I need to double the amount I usually prepare for a meal. That way, everyone has plenty to eat and I have leftovers for the next meal so I can cook a little less.

Embrace the novelty - Trying new foods creates a sense of adventure around your new eating plan. So far, I've tried a large purple sweet potato (not my favorite), corvina (a fish not unlike Chilean seabass, which had a great texture but not a great flavor), and purple baby cauliflower (nothing notable about it except the color). I've also sampled and bought some dried fruit at the farmers market. However, exercise some caution and pair new food with food you know you enjoy so that if you don't like the new item, you won't go hungry.

Have some go-to foods or meals - Almost two weeks into the Whole30, I've discovered that prosciutto and smoked salmon are easy proteins I can grab from the fridge, and that if I don't feel like chopping and cooking any more vegetables, I can microwave a sweet potato and have it with ghee and salt.

Read motivating material - I'm easily inspired by others' success stories, so Whole30 testimonials help me stay on track if I start wondering why I'm doing this. Reading Melissa Urban's Whole30 books has also helped - I haven't been feeling very different, so I was relieved and freshly motivated when I read in It Starts with Food (affiliate link) that when she created Whole30, she didn't feel great until her third week. No matter what your eating plan - paleo, keto, Whole30 or anything else - you can surely find some inspiring reading material to help you keep going.

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