Dec 5, 2019

Looking Forward: Life with an Empty Nest

I’ve been writing about getting in to and paying for college, but another thing I’ve been thinking about is my life once the kids are actually at college.

So much of my time and energy right now is spent on them and their school - I drive them around, feed them, talk with them, and generally make sure they’re doing what they need and want to do. I volunteer each week at their school, serving on committees and the PTA board, and helping to run events.

In fact, I was thinking earlier this week that parenting them really is my "job" right now. I'm blessed to be able to say that, but I do have some mixed feelings about it as it relates to identity. But that's for another post.

Looking Forward: Life with an Empty Nest

When I look ahead to 2025, when my youngest graduates from high school, I see all this time that needs filling in a way that will keep me happy and healthy.

I think a lot about going back to work, and obviously, additional income would be great to pay for college. I'm just not sure what I’d do. I’m not even sure I still want to be a lawyer. I think about taking classes, and in fact, I registered for an online class at UCLA Extension. We’ll see how it goes.

I think about getting out of the house. Right now, even though I work at home, I get plenty of adult interaction because I’m so involved at school. But obviously that will change once my youngest goes off to college.

I think about getting a dog, especially if I'm still working from home. But as my husband keeps reminding me, a dog will hinder travel plans, and I do like to travel.

Do you have any advice for how to prepare for an empty nest?

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