Jul 26, 2019

Big News at Chief Family Officer!

a peaceful moment during my trip to Hawaii last week

As you probably know, Chief Family Officer has had some severe technical issues over the last few weeks. I took it as a sign that it was time to make some changes around here, namely switching to more of a newsletter format.

But here's the thing: Deal blogging is not what it used to be, and I've been thinking of making a bigger change for a while now.

Five to ten years ago, deal blogging was fun and exciting. The Drugstore Game was in its heyday (I even wrote a downloadable ebook about how to play), and it was a rewarding but very doable challenge to get lots of items for free or extremely cheaply.

Fast forward to the present day, and there just aren't the same kinds of deals. Paper coupons are becoming rarer. Digital coupons are much more prevalent, and also store-specific. And online shopping has expanded from electronics and books on Amazon to groceries from the market around the corner.

You might have guessed where I'm going with this: Deal blogging just isn't fun anymore (at least for me).

But did you know that Chief Family Officer is over 14 years old? And it didn't start off as a deal blog. At first, I posted a lot of links and parenting advice, then it became mostly a personal finance blog.

Now, I want to evolve into a new kind of site. Still a blog, because I get the appeal of social media, but it's just not for me. I'm all for eye candy, but I'll never be the type of person who wants to spend time composing the perfect picture, and the few times I've tried to learn about photography, my eyes have glazed over.

So CFO will retain the blog format. Instead of focusing on deals, I'll be sharing practical tips on building wealth, parenting, cooking, and making family life easier (which I've always tried to do, but never seemed to have enough time for).

The newsletter will continue to exist, but I'm envisioning it as a weekly-ish email with some thoughts, links, quotes and stories that I've enjoyed recently. If you liked the "what I love today" intro to the Daily Roundup posts, I think you'll love the new newsletter. (However, next week's edition of the newsletter will contain links to the deal sites I follow so you can still find deals, if that's what you love.)

Whew! I'll admit to being a little scared about making such a dramatic change, but I'm also super excited. And so I hope you'll stick around to see what this new version of Chief Family Officer looks like, and let me know how you feel about it. Thank you for your support, and have a wonderful weekend!


Jackie said...

I've been a follower for several years and enjoy receiving your newsletters. I think the changes sound exciting!

Chief Family Officer said...

Aw, thanks, Jackie! I hope you like the new CFO!

Michelle said...

Looking forward to the changes - sounds great!

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks so much, Michelle! I hope you love the new CFO!