Jan 22, 2019

Quick Ways to Leap into Action

Do you ever have times when you feel sluggish and just want to lie down? It happens to me regularly, as I'm just not naturally energetic. So I've had to come up with strategies to push me into motion, even if it's only long enough for me to complete one or two tasks.

Quick Ways to Leap into Action

Since it's that time of year when many of us start to build new habits, I wanted to share my strategies with you:

- Use the 2-minute rule and start by doing an activity that takes 2 minutes or less but helps you build momentum. For example, if you need to make dinner, start by doing something that takes less than 2 minutes, like washing the lettuce for the salad. (Read more about the 2-minute rule at JamesClear.com.)

- Listen to upbeat music. We all have our favorites, but some of mine include Timber, Can't Stop the Feeling, Fix and Shut Up and Dance.

- Pair another activity. Let yourself do something you want to do with something you don't feel like doing. For example, I listen to my favorite podcasts while I'm vacuuming.

- Do some jumping jacks, pushups or yoga. Sometimes all you need to do is get the blood flowing.

- Just do one thing. This is similar to the first tip, in that hopefully you'll build momentum, but even if you don't, at least you got one thing done. For example, I often tell myself I just have to clean the downstairs bathroom - it's small, so it takes less than ten minutes, but I always feel like I really accomplished something when I'm done.

- Call or text a friend. Sometimes we just need some encouragement. Kids are actually pretty good at this, especially younger ones. I'm finding that teens are a whole different story. But once your child encourages you to do something, you really can't say no.

- Enlist a buddy. Usually this means someone who lives with you, like your spouse, roommate or child, since they're right there and can do an activity with you. But friends who aren't in your immediate vicinity can work too - maybe you can both vacuum, and then report back to each other. (If you're now thinking that my least favorite things to do involve cleaning the house, you'd be correct.)

- Think about giving a gift to your future self. Sometimes knowing how happy you'll be in the future that you accomplished a task now is enough to get you going.

- Keep a running to-do list. Crossing things off a to-do list is gratifying, sometimes disproportionately so.

- Think of three things you're grateful for. Nothing changes improves an attitude faster than gratitude. Remembering the good things in your life can give you a huge energy boost.

How do you get yourself going when you feel lethargic?

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