Jan 18, 2019

Chief Family Officer's Favorite Things: The Ove-Glove

I'd needed a new oven mitt for, well, years. I had one, an old - very old - favorite. And I had picked up some others along the way, including an OXO silicone mitt (which was too big for me) and silicone pinch mitts (which leave too much skin exposed when emptying a big pot of boiling water). But I could never find a mitt that fit as well as my old oven mitt, which my mom had gotten me over a decade ago at a now-defunct store.

CFO Favorite: The Ove-Glove

The problem became an urgent one a few months ago, when I realized my beloved oven mitt was literally falling apart and wasn't going to last much longer. Then, early in the holiday season, I happened across a glowing review of the Ove-Glove.

CFO Favorite: The Ove-Glove

At less than $15, it was affordable and I really liked the flame-retardant quality, since the heat was really penetrating my rapidly eroding but still-beloved mitt. I got my Ove-Glove last month, and it's a keeper! I was finally able to toss my old oven mitt into the trash, where it had long belonged, since by the end, I was risking a burn every time I used it. The Ove-Glove is quite heat-proof, and even my smallish hands can get a solid grip on baking pans and steaming hot pots. Plus, it's easy to clean (throw it in the washer with the kitchen towels, then hang it to dry).

The Ove-Glove is definitely one of my Favorite Things!

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