Dec 7, 2015

Keep Your Hands from Drying Out with this Quick Tip

Quickly Heal Dry Hands | Chief Family Officer

It's that time of year when the air is dry, and my hands start cracking painfully thanks to all of the hand-washing and dish-washing that I do all day long. Whenever this happens, I have a surefire way to restore my hands quickly: Rub in a thick moisturizer before washing the dishes with rubber gloves on. There's just something about this method that speeds healing and moisturizing - it's always just a couple of days before my hands feel back to normal.

When I say thick, I do mean thick - my favorite is Nivea Creme,* because it is thick but absorbs quickly and thoroughly without that greasy feeling. (I do wish it was available unscented, but oh well.)

 I go through rubber gloves pretty quickly and I always think they're overpriced for how long they last. So I was pretty happy to find a 9-pack of good quality rubber gloves at Costco for just $7.49 last week.

How do you keep your skin from drying out in the winter?

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