Jun 23, 2015

What I Did Today: Hiroshima and Miyajiyama

Today started out quite early, as we took the shinkansen (bullet train) to Hiroshima and had a quick visit to the memorial there. I can't do it justice in a quick post, so I'll just share this fountain that's out front:

Hiroshima memorial

Then we took a ferry to Miyajima, an island with a famous shrine that stands in the ocean during high tide:

Miyajima Shrine

There are deer all over the island, and they are quite tame and pet-able:

Miyajima deer

However, there were two deer who nibbled on the shirts of people, and at least two deer if not three who put their noses in ladies' purses. So you do have to be careful!

We then jumped back on the shinkansen to Kyoto:


It's always comforting to find a little taste of home:

Japanese Starbucks

I had my usual, a chai tea latte, which tasted just a bit different and was just as delicious as the ones back home.

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