Apr 6, 2015

LAUSD: Maximizing Your Chances of Admission Through Open Enrollment

Getting in via Open Enrollment - chieffamilyofficer.com

What can you do if you want your child to attend an LAUSD school that's not your "home school" or a magnet school, and you don't qualify for any of the priority options like Public School Choice or Romero Open Enrollment?

You can try to get your child in through Open Enrollment, by which a school will accept students who wish to attend if there is space available. I have friends whose children have gotten into schools with excellent reputations via Open Enrollment, so this process is a viable one. You will need to provide transportation for your child, and admission is not guaranteed.

Because admission is not guaranteed, you should call the school you want your child to attend in mid-April to find out when you should contact them about applying via open enrollment. Most likely the date will be in May, but you want to make sure you're high on the wait list to maximize your chances of getting in so call to make sure the date isn't earlier. Note that some schools will not accept any students via open enrollment due to lack of space.

In addition to calling the school, you should check www.lausd.net often beginning in mid-April to check if the list of schools with open enrollment availability has been posted. As soon as you see that list go live, give the school a call to see if or when you can apply for admission. Be prepared to go to the school in person, with your child, along with documentation the school may require (like your child's birth certificate), in order to complete the application/enrollment process.

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