Oct 13, 2014

LAUSD Magnet Schools: Other LAUSD Options

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As you decide what magnet school program to apply for through the Choices application, keep in mind that magnet schools aren't the only special program that you can apply for in LAUSD. The Los Angeles Unified School District offers other programs, including:

Permits with Transportation (PWT) - Like the Magnet Program, PWT is a court-ordered integration program. PWT is available to residents who live near a PWT "sending school." My understanding is that PWT "sending schools" are those that are designated as overcrowded. You apply for PWT using the same Choices application that you use to apply to a magnet school. It does not appear that you get to choose which PWT "receiving school" your child will attend.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) - Public School Choice - NCLB requires that schools who do not achieve the required test scores be designated as "Program Improvement" (PI) schools. Under NCLB, students who attend a PI school or school at risk for PI may ask to transfer to a non-PI school. Priority for NCLB-PSC is given to the "lowest achieving children from low income families." The annual Choices brochure contains a list of PI and at risk for PI schools. You apply for NCLB-PSC using the same Choices application that you use to apply to a magnet school.

School For Advanced Studies (SAS) - SAS is a program for students who have been identified as gifted, highly gifted, and/or demonstrate superior academic achievement. The program provides these students with instruction that exceeds minimum state standards. Learn more about SAS here.

Open Enrollment - If a school has space available, you can ask to have your child placed in that school. Check www.lausd.net, visit any LAUSD school, or call School Management Services at (213) 241-8044 for a list of participating schools and the number of openings at each school in May. Note that you will have to provide transportation for your child.

Romero Open Enrollment - Students at schools on a state-wide list of 1,000 low-performing schools may enroll at another LAUSD school or a school outside of the district. Learn more about Romero Open Enrollment here.

Charter Schools - Many charter schools are affiliated with LAUSD (and many are not). LAUSD now has a Charter School Division. Each school has its own application process that you must follow. Learn more about charter schools here and here.

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