Sep 25, 2014

LAUSD Magnet Schools: The Impact of Parent Involvement on Schools

Importance of Parent Involvement -

This is the time of year when many parents start looking at schools, especially magnet schools in Los Angeles, since applications will be due in a couple of months. One important factor to consider is the degree of parent involvement at the schools you're considering. Research shows that parent involvement results in:
  • Higher grades, test scores, and graduation rates

  • Better school attendance

  • Increased motivation and better self-esteem

  • Lower rates of suspension

  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol

  • Fewer instances of violent behavior
Thus, the greater the parent involvement at a school, the greater the number of high-achieving students you'll find there. To assess the extent of parent involvement at a school, you can attend open houses, PTA meetings, and events at the school that are open to the public. (If the school doesn't have a web site with a calendar, call the office to find out when various events will be held.)

Once you've selected a school for your child, be sure to get involved. While you don't want to overextend yourself, participating in school events demonstrates the value you place on your child's education, which affects your child's own determination of the importance of his or her education. Good places to start are by speaking with your child's teacher, attending PTA meetings, and even making an appointment with the principal to discuss any needs at the school.

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