Jun 12, 2014

Chief Family Officer's Favorite Podcasts

CFO's Favorite Podcasts - chieffamilyofficer.com

In the last year or so, one of my favorite ways to get centered and expand my horizons has been by listening to podcasts. If you're not familiar with podcasts but have a smartphone, all you really need to know is that you can listen to podcasts pretty much the way you listen to music - you just download the podcast from iTunes or Android Marketplace, then play back the audio file using a podcast app on your phone (I just use the one that came with my iPhone).

The first podcast I listened to was Michael Hyatt's This is Your Life. Its focus is on leadership and personal development, and it reminds me a lot of the things my dad used to say to me when I was growing up. A few of my favorite episodes include #90: How to Discern Your Calling, #36: How to Develop More Discipline, and #9: Is Work-Life Balance Really Possible?.

Then I discovered these podcasts, which I've added to my list of favorites:

Internet Business Mastery - IBM is hosted by Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden, who focus on helping listeners build an online business, but with an eye towards personal development and achieving success no matter the path. Some of my favorite episodes are #222: How to Never Run Out of Amazing Ideas, #203: Single Motivating Purpose, and #195: How to Create Habits that Stick.

Amy Porterfield's Online Marketing Made Easy - Amy Porterfield is a Facebook marketing expert, but her podcast is broader and covers a wide variety of internet-related topics. A few of my favorite episodes are #22: How to Start and Build a Profitable Podcast with John Lee Dumas, #18: A Backstage Pass to the Inner Workings of My Business, and #4: Proven Video Marketing Strategies with James Wedmore (who had lots of great tips on making a video).

Entrepreneur on Fire - I found this podcast because it's hosted by John Lee Dumas, who was a guest on Amy Porterfield's podcast, and it turns out Entrepreneur on Fire was named one of the best iTunes podcasts in 2013. There's actually a new interview with an entrepreneur every day, which is pretty incredible considering most podcasts release new shows weekly or less often. There are far too many shows to list any favorites, but it's fabulous to have fresh material to listen to at all times.

There are many other podcasts, of course, including Freakonomics and The Dave Ramsey Show. If you have a favorite, please share it in the comments as I'm always looking for new great content to listen to!

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John Lee Dumas said...

GREAT article Cathy! Honored to be mentioned...IGNITE :-)

Chief Family Officer said...

Aw, thanks, John! You're the best!

Jeremy said...

Wow, fantastic list. Thanks so much for listening and add us to this list!

Chief Family Officer said...

Thank *you*! I've learned a lot from you guys :)