Jan 8, 2013

Getting Things Done: 1 Small Task Each Day

As I mentioned a week ago, I am doing one small task a day in 2013 to eventually accomplish everything on my incredibly long to-do list. I've been using the Chief Family Officer Facebook page to share my task each day, and I post an update when I'm done.

The best past is that it's working really well! Posting on Facebook is great accountability, and I am getting things done that might not be getting done otherwise. Here's what I've done so far this year:

  • Jan. 1 - Found a new home for my food processor. It was the final appliance on a kitchen counter that I had been gradually clearing. I now have one full counter that's got nothing permanent on it, and it's turning out to be a fabulous workspace when I'm cooking. I also love that it makes the kitchen look a little bigger.

  • Jan. 2 - Cleaned the kitchen walls that were newly exposed by the removal of the counter clutter.

  • Jan. 3 - Readied my 2013 taxes folder. I know the year just started, but as I mentioned last January, I use folders to collect tax-related documents year-round. By January 3, I already had a couple of receipts that needed to be filed so it was important to get that 2013 folder ready so the paper clutter didn't accumulate on my desk.

  • Jan. 4 - Made a menu plan for the rest of January. We all know I'm not going to follow the menu plan exactly, but just having a plan helps me cook so that we save money and eat healthier by staying home.

  • Jan. 5 - Put things where they belong. This included items I had to find new homes for, like the free-after-rewards file boxes I picked up at Staples last week. I used one to replace a falling-apart banker's box under my desk, and that led me to transform the entire area. It looks fabulous now!

  • Jan. 6 - Got ready for the kids going back to school. I prepped backpacks and homework folders, filled the fridge with juice boxes, milk boxes, applesauce pouches, presliced apples, etc. But I'm still not feeling back in the groove with our morning routine yet.

  • Jan. 7 - Purged my coupon stash of expired coupons. I updated the Unexpired Insert Coupons List, pulled the expired coupons out of my files, and packed all of the expired inserts, loose coupons, and issues of All You magazine into a Medium Flat Rate USPS box. It's all ready to send off to a military family overseas (they can use coupons at the commissary for 6 months after the expiration date). I still have to file the coupons I clipped from Sunday's inserts, but I wouldn't have gotten the purging done without the accountability of Facebook!

  • Jan. 8 - Renew my passport. I've been meaning to do this for months now. I haven't gotten to this yet today, but I will! I can renew by mail, and I used ECB's to get passport photos at CVS a couple of weeks ago, so all I have to is fill out the paperwork and make sure I submit everything that I'm supposed to.

Some of these tasks took longer than 15 minutes, but most didn't. I've been really happy with how much I've been getting done. In addition to taking care of things I might not otherwise get to, each small task seems to build momentum toward helping me get even more done.

So by the end of this year, I'll have a much shorter to-do list!

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