Feb 13, 2012

Money-making Tip: Update your listings if you sell on Amazon

I've written before about selling on Amazon, and how it's my favorite way to sell used items like books, video games, and DVDs. Not everything is worth listing, but one thing that's great about Amazon is that it's pretty much a "list and forget it" kind of thing. If an item sells, Amazon will send you an email, but unless and until that happens, you don't really need to think about it.

However . . . I'd noticed that it had been a long time since I'd sold anything at Amazon. So a couple of weeks ago, I went through the two grocery bags where I kept the items listed for sale at Amazon and checked the listings. Many of the items were no longer worth selling - there were too many similar items, so the price had dropped considerably since I'd created my listing. I deleted those listings and moved the items to my pile of things to donate.

For most of the remaining items, I had to drop the price to bring it in line with other sellers' prices that had been posted since I'd last checked. I also updated a couple of listings with more detail about the condition of the item.

The effort has paid off. In the couple of weeks since the update, I've sold half a dozen items and keep having to go to the post office - adding about $50 to my savings account in the meantime.

If you're interested in learning about selling on Amazon, check out my previous series on selling at Amazon, and these updates.


Brent Pittman said...

I've made a good bit of money on Amazon. Even sold some a few Christmas gifts. Thanks for the reminder to re-list my stack of books.

Joseph said...

In Amazon's SellerCentral you can now change your listings to match the lowest price en masse. On your main Inventory page, select the Actions button. One of the actions is 'Match Low Price'. You just have to be careful about one thing: some sellers list their item for a very low price, and charge a very high shipping fee. You don't want to match their price ;-)

Chief Family Officer said...

That's a good point - I noticed that option, which is easy. But you're right, I would definitely recommend checking the listings to make sure the lowest price is a fair one.

Donna B. said...

Things are terrible at Amazon! Nothing is selling now. I've been selling for several years, and starting a year ago, I couldn't sell more than one book a week. I think part of it is too many new sellers who don't think about the weight and hassle of packaging, so they underbid, but I also think part of it is kindle and ebooks. Many people don't want real books, which is just sad! :(

The third problem is probably Amazon itself, who is competing against us by trying to make all Marketplace sellers pack up and mail all our books, (each book wrapped separately!) to Amazon for their Fulfillment by Amazon, who then charges rent to the seller if the book doesn't sell! There's a lose-lose idea.