Oct 17, 2011

How to waste hundreds of dollars in 2 seconds

I hate to tell this story, but I'll admit it anyway: I crashed my car last week. It was a very minor crash, in which I smashed the front bumper into the edge of the garage while turning in. So minor that it didn't even occur to me until now to consider the integrity of the car seats - and so minor that I'm not even considering replacing the car seats.

The only way in which this little accident was not minor was in the wallet, or savings account to be more accurate. It cost over $500 to replace the bumper, and it pains me horribly to think about. After all, we worked really hard to save up that money.


We had the money. All that hard work paid off so that when we needed the money, it was there.

I am continuously grateful that my husband and I share financial priorities and goals and work hard at them so that when we do need money, we have it. We had it when our son was hospitalized, we had it when our bathroom needed to be remodeled, and we had it when the car needed to be repaired.

Still, it pains me that my stupidity impatience enthusiasm caused us to essentially waste hundred of dollars.

I can only urge you (and myself) to be really careful when driving so as to not waste (more) money!


Alison said...

I'm glad you are ok! Accidents do happen, and you are right to focus on the fact that you were prepared.

Chief Family Officer said...

Thanks, Alison! I'm slowly getting over it, LOL!