Dec 6, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Short (Cooking) Week

We had a crazy weekend, between soccer, birthday parties and Hanukkah, so I've barely had a minute to think about this coming week's menu. What I'm thinking about, though, is thinning out the freezer a little to make room for some cookies that I can freeze for a week or two before I give them away. But I actually don't have to cook much at the end of the week because of scheduled events. With that in mind, here's my (tentative) menu plan:

Monday - Miso Chicken (using frozen chicken thighs), rice, steamed broccoli

Tuesday - Sushi? I'm going to head to the Asian market that I've been meaning to check out to see what they carry, but I definitely want some kind of Japanese food this night.

Wednesday - Tuna Pasta Salad using frozen broccoli (and I have a ton of cheap tuna and pasta in the pantry), Artisan Bread

Thursday - Slow Cooker Roast, Artisan Bread, roasted butternut squash

Friday - School event

Saturday - Dinner out

Sunday - Dinner out

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Annett/ Fit Moms Fit Kids Club said...

I've never frozen cookies before! Do they come out just as tasty??

Chief Family Officer said...

@Annett - Yes! I love frozen cookies just as they are, actually (i.e., frozen), but they also thaw perfectly so they're perfect for baking ahead.