Dec 27, 2010

Keep on Giving After Christmas

A while back, I acquired a free subscription to Whole Living magazine, and I've been reading the December 2010 issue. There's a thoughtful article on giving, and figuring out the "right" amount to give.

I was particularly struck by the suggestion of thinking not just about what we can do without, but "of what we value most and do[ing] what we can to create more of it in the world." As the article acknowledges, the concept of giving can be overwhelming and stressful - knowing that there are so many people in the world who have so little, how do you establish a good life for yourself without feeling guilty for not giving away almost everything you have?

So I like the idea of not so much taking away from you already have, but of creating more of what's good. If it takes money to do that, then it's more of an investment than a sacrifice. And the concept of giving is expanded beyond monetary donations to taking action. That's something to think about in the new year.

For locals: The LA Times has a list of organizations that serve the homeless and are looking for contributions.


CJ said...

I found that article very interesting as well and have been thinking about it. I guess the answer is different for everyone. Some people believing in giving so much that it's a sacrifice so that it's truly felt to them, others feel that giving a portion is acceptable, and some people arent moved to give at all.

Chief Family Officer said...

@CJ - You make an excellent point, that the "right" amount is different for everyone . . . which in itself is interesting, I think.