Nov 9, 2010

Works for Me: Simple Bed Making

Not long after I was living on my own - back when I moved into the college dorms, in fact - I found a simple way of making my bed that was fast and easy. The first thing I did was dispense with the flat sheet. I've never much liked flat sheets anyway, as I tend to push them down with my feet and find them bunched at the foot of the bed when I wake up.

So now I need only the following to make my bed:
  • fitted sheet to cover the mattress
  • pillow case (2, since I use 2 pillows)
  • comforter
  • comforter cover, aka duvet
Since the comforter is protected by the duvet, it only needs to be washed infrequently. Everything else is easily washed weekly. And most importantly, it takes all of one minute to make the bed in the morning - just a little fluffing of the pillows, and spreading of the comforter over the bed. That's it!

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Kim said...

Just an FYI

A duvet is usually goose down and goes inside a duvet cover.

A comforter is usually synthetic and doesn't require a cover at all.

We do use a flat sheet, but just pull it up and then cover with the duvet - no need to tuck the sheet in as the duvet is big enough to cover the sides...although I rarely make the ned ;)

Chief Family Officer said...

@Kim - Thank you! I've always wondered if there is a different between a duvet and a comforter.