Nov 9, 2010

Photo Holiday Cards + Shutterfly Offer For Bloggers

For the last couple of years, I've been sending out photo cards at the holidays. I probably wouldn't do it if it weren't for the kids, but I always enjoy seeing how my friends' kids have grown during the year, and I know that most of them like seeing mine too. I used to send a full-page letter every year, but now I condense our news to fit on these shipping labels, and then I affix a label to the back of each card before I send it out.

I tend to buy my cards from whoever's got the best deal, but I prefer the bigger sites like Shutterfly because they don't just have Christmas cards and Hanukkah cards, they also have more "neutral" cards that suit our family better. One side of the family is Jewish and the other is nominally Christian, so I need a card that's not really one or the other or I'll risk offending someone. I was actually asked to review a site that had Christmas cards and Hanukkah cards, but didn't have any holiday cards not tied to either religion - needless to say, I won't be getting my holiday cards from them!

Shutterfly has some nice options for me, though. For example, I love the colors of this card:

It's cheerful and doesn't necessarily say Christmas or Hanukkah, and, at the risk of being politically incorrect, it's not "girly" either (seeing as how I'm the only girl in our family). And I love how modern this one is:

Shutterfly is giving bloggers a chance to get 50 free holiday cards by signing up here, so I'll probably pick one of the designs above (called Have a Ball and Vintage Snowflakes, respectively). Although, I love the brown of Giving Gifts:

See, it's hard to choose!

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