Dec 24, 2009

Start Thinking About After-Christmas Sales Now

I love checking out any kind of sale, but after-Christmas sales have a special place in my heart because you can do some serious stocking up. I've found that you can get some amazing deals on wrapping paraphernalia, like paper, ribbons, tissue, and gift bags. I buy some of these items when they get marked down to 90% off at Target, usually during the first week of January. I'll pick up one or two holiday-themed rolls, but I also grab a roll or two of paper that's not obviously for the holidays to use year-round. In fact, after Christmas is the only time of year that I buy wrapping items. It's also a good time to buy holiday-themed decorations for the next year, if there's something you really like that's not marked with the year.

Other items will be more hit and miss, but with a little luck, you can scoop up good deals on toys and gift sets. I like to buy things that will make good birthday gifts throughout the year. I'm curious to see if retailers will be desperate enough to go for steep markdowns, or if they had ordered so little before the holidays that there isn't anything left to mark down after Christmas. (Obviously, I hope not!)

After Christmas is also the time to start looking for clearance sales on clothing. Baby Cheapskate has a list of dates for when children's clothing stores will start their markdowns.

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