Jun 25, 2009

My best exercise tip: Work out every day

Over at The Happiness Project, Gretchen mentioned a few months ago in passing that it's easier to work out if you work out every day. I've really found this to be true.

My goal in May was to log two miles on the treadmill every day. It didn't matter how I did the two miles - walking or running, as long as I got two miles in every day. And I did, and I felt great.

Then June came along, and I decided to mix things up. I stopped exercising every day. I did a little 30-Day Shred.I did other aerobics workouts. I did strength training instead of cardio. And I still hopped on the treadmill, but not every day.

The discouraging thing was that when I did get on the treadmill, I didn't feel nearly as strong as I had previously. And my desire to run fell like it had gone over a steep cliff.

So in the last week, I'm back to my original plan: Log two miles on the treadmill every day. Because I had the flu last week, I'm still feeling a bit weak and haven't been running. But getting on the treadmill and walking two miles has been good for me. Doing it every day makes it easier to do it every day. (I'm keeping the strength training part, too - I'd forgotten how good it feels to feel strong.)

Of course, I need to add a disclaimer here that this may not be the best thing for you and that you should discuss your exercise options with your doctor. As always, do what works for you!

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Super Saver said...

I agree that making exercise a daily routine enables me to stay with the program. It becomes a habit, like brushing my teeth. Also, doing the exercise in the morning keeps me on track.

However, I've found that I only consistently do 6 days a week. Something always comes up on the weekend that causes me to miss a day :-)