Jun 24, 2009

A few Quick Product Reviews

Fling Milk Chocolate bars - I had a coupon for a free package, so of course I picked one up. Marc said they were really good. Plus, they have an awesome slogan: "Naughty, but not that naughty."

AngelSoft toilet paper - I've gotten quite a few 4-packs for free after coupon at Ralphs, which is the only reason I even tried this brand. I don't like it as much as our preferred brands, which are Charmin Ultra and Quilted Northern Ultra. I'll also buy Cottonelle, if it's the cheapest, although I don't like it quite as much as Charmin or Quilted Northern. The AngelSoft is at the bottom of my list, so I've decided that I won't pay for it, but I'll definitely get it (and use it) when it's free.

Kids' Crest Cavity Protection Sparkle Fun - Alex says this toothpaste is too "spicy" and hates it. He's had to use it for a week or so, and he still hates it.

Skintimate Cream Shave - These were free at drugstores a few weeks ago, and I just finished up my first tube. It's a little weird, because the texture is so different from traditional shaving creams and gels. But I did find my legs were smoother and more moisturized with this "cream shave" versus traditional products. On the flip side, though, it was harder to wash out of the razor. Still, I'm perfectly happy to keep using this. I won't pay a premium for it when I run out of my free tubes, but I'll certainly buy it if it's below my target price for shaving cream of $1 per can/tube.

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Carrie said...

thanks for posting your target price on shaving cream. i struggle with what my target prices should be so it's very helpful to see others

Jamie (Suddenly Stay @ Home) said...

I didn't like the way the Skintimates lid collected water in my shower- ewww!!! Other than that, it's okay. I wouldn't pay for shaving cream- I just use shower gel... if I could only convince my husband to use to Skintimates on his face... hmmmm... :-)

Chief Family Officer said...

@Carrie - My price book has been invaluable in helping me to set target prices. If you don't already have one, I HIGHLY recommend it!

@Jamie - The water collection thing only happened at the very end to me, so I thought it had more to do with me trying to force the last of it out. And I've tried going without shaving cream, but the shave is so much better with it that I think it's worth the (minimal) expense :)