Mar 16, 2009

Quick Product Reviews Part 4

If you like these reviews, don't forget to read my previous quick product reviews: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three. Most of these items were free or almost free thanks to coupons and sales.

Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner - I got this conditioner free in a bonus pack last fall as part of a money-making deal at Walgreens. (Thanks again, Mercedes!) I liked the product a lot, but wouldn't pay money for it when I'm getting all of my hair-care products for free in The Drugstore Game.

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser - I used up my last bottle of ProActiv cleanser and really didn't want to pay the high price for a new one. Since the active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide, I looked for a drugstore cleanser with it as the main ingredient and found this product. It's a lot harsher than ProActiv, so it's dried my skin out a little bit, which the ProActiv never did. It also did nothing to prevent PMS-induced breakouts, which was a little worse than with ProActiv but only lasted about three days. The end verdict is that I'm sticking with this product for the price, which is less than one-third the price of ProActiv.

Head & Shoulders Intensive Solutions zinc pyrithione shampoo- I don't know if Head & Shoulders even makes this anymore since I can't find it on their web site (link goes to Amazon for the picture; they're out of stock). I don't like this shampoo as much as the Herbal Essences version, so as long as that's available, I won't be buying more of this even if I can find it.

Trader Joe's Chocolate Decadence cereal - This is basically a chocolate granola, and it's divine with milk or yogurt. It used to be $3.29 per box, but now it's $1.99 per box - still expensive for cereal, considering I've been buying some for less than 20 cents per box, but worth it.

Quaker Simple Harvest Chewy Multigrain Granola Bars - These are on the dry side, and not very tasty. For free, they're a fine snack, but I wouldn't pay for them.

Keebler Sandies Shortbread Cookies
- When I find these on steep sale, I pick up a few packages to take to the boys' preschool. The teachers love them.

Always Infinity pads - As pads go, these are super thin with great absorption. I won't pay for them, since I can get pads for free through The Drugstore Game, but these are worth making extra trips for when they're available for free. (Click through to sign up for a free sample.)

Harry Potter: Books 6 and 7 - Having finally let go of the Twilight books, I've been rereading the sixth and seventh books in the Harry Potter series. They are even better than I remembered.


Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I love Always. I remember when they first came out. I was in high school...they're still the best. I only wish they had an option that wasn't individually wrapped--I hate the waste of that piece of plastic.

Amy Starr said...

Just wanted you to know that I saw the Head and SHoulder Intensive Solutions at CVS, so it is still available!

Nora said...

As far as acne soap, I have tried them all... Proactiv is good but the cost is too much!

On one of the blogs that I get I heard about a soap called Octagon. This stuff works great!!!! You can get it where I do at It is a laundry soap but read the reviews... I gave this to a friend who has / had bad acne, she said after one use she saw a difference and bought five bars.