Feb 24, 2009

Recent incidents where I spent some money and it was good

This is the flip side of yesterday's post, when I discussed times when I didn't spend money because the value of what I would have received wasn't worth the expense – even if the expense was less than one dollar. On the other hand, though, I've recently spent some money that was worth every penny.

A couple of weeks ago, I got my eyebrows waxed for the first time in over two years. It cost $36, including tip, but I had a $19 gift certificate, so I paid only $17. I find that I'm happiest about my brows if I get them waxed at least once a year. I can do some maintenance on my own, but there comes a time where I need a professional to restore the basic shape. Since eyebrows can make a subtle but huge difference in how my face looks, this expense was long overdue.

I got my hair cut for $66, including tip. I've already discussed why this was a worthwhile expenditure.

I bought a new pair of shoes, and I wear them almost every day. They're Naturalizers and were less than $35, with free shipping. These shoes have added a new dimension to my wardrobe, so I'm very happy with them (especially because they're comfortable!).

I bought new bras. All of my bras were from before I had kids. Keep in mind that Tyler is now over two years old – and he's been done nursing since he was 18 months old. I tried a Playtex bra from Target but hated it. And although I'd avoided Victoria's Secret for years because their salespeople were so aggressive, I went in because I was desperate. And they do make quality undergarments. I now have four new bras, including a fabulous sports bra, and I couldn't be happier with them. Plus, their saleswomen seemed more mellow so maybe I won't be so reluctant to go in from now on. (And they have great online deals too.)

You may have noticed that all of the incidents fall into one category: my physical and mental well-being. That's because I recently realized that I am worth spending some money on. For too many years, I'd put off expenses like these because they weren't necessary, and I always felt like I'd deserve them more after I lost weight. Well, I've lost a little weight but not enough to change those feelings. I just suddenly understood that I'm worthy now. And I deserve to feel good now. :D


Mrs. J said...

We are all entitled to treats like those. Sometimes we have to pay more to get more :)

AudreyO said...

Sometimes we just need to spend some money. When my shoes or bras wear out, I buy new ones. I get my hair cut about every 8 weeks. I just need to do some things. I'm funny with shoes, I wear them until they wear out then I get a new pair. I stopped by today as I'm working on visiting the many blogs from Bloggy Carnival now that I have time to read and comment.

Janet said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I don't feel guilty about spending money sometimes. I save enough money to spend a little more on some things.

Sarina said...

You've just received the Honest Scrap Award!

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Kasey said...

Yes, you are worth it! Good posts.