Jan 15, 2009

Why people live in Southern California

FMF's posts about increasing wealth by moving to a location with a low cost of living always rankles me because I know that to some extent, he's right. But we do just fine living in expensive Los Angeles (where we are both paid salaries that we probably couldn't get in other locations). And most importantly, living in LA has some fabulous benefits.

I've been reminded of one of them during the last few days, because the weather has been in the mid-80's. The boys have heading out the door in a T-shirt, shorts, and no jacket! Sure, the warm temperatures have been accompanied by some gusty and nasty Santa Ana winds (which aggravate allergies and have actually given me a headache a couple of times). But I'll take all of that in exchange for the balmy weather, grateful that I don't live somewhere where it's below freezing without wind chill.

California's economic situation is even more dire than the nation's as a whole, but this is one reason why people live here: it can be glorious. And it's going to stay that way for another week!


Mommy Shoes said...

Yeah, -25 this morning. That's air temp before the wind chill. definitely had me missing CA.

Erin and Chris said...

Wooohooo...We love the 80 degree temps. Santa Anas suck, but I will take that over the 30 degree waether we had a couple weeks ago.

Camille said...

We debate this constantly! All of our family is back in the frigid weather and with small kids, we'd like to be closer to them. But I don't miss the snow!! We are lucky that we have the summers off so we get outta dodge and do head East then and out of our sweltering temps.