Jan 12, 2009

Review: Black and Decker 9.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster

As promised, here's that review of the Black and Decker 9.6-Volt Cyclonic DustBuster.
I ordered it in June of last year, when Amazon included it in a Friday sale for $24.99. I'd been looking for a handheld vacuum, and several of you recommended a DustBuster. At that price, I figured it was worth a shot.

I wanted the DustBuster mostly to help me clean the car, and that's what I've used it for. That said, I use it irregularly – mostly because, I must admit, I don't clean the car nearly as often as I should.

But when I have used the DustBuster, I've been quite pleased with it. The suction power is excellent, which was very important to me. The crevice tool has been especially handy for getting into all of the nooks and crannies in the car and car seats. And I love that the canister is very easy to empty – plus, it's clear, which makes it easy to see how full it is.

I've also used the DustBuster with great success in our small foyer, where we take off our shoes. Sometimes we forget to empty the boys' shoes out at the park, and we'll find ourselves pouring sand onto the floor when we get home. The little DustBuster does a better job sucking up those little grains than the big vacuum, which seems to blow away as much sand as it sucks up.

And perhaps most importantly, I don't have anything bad to say about this DustBuster. Some DustBuster reviews complain about the battery life, and I haven't owned this one long enough to see if that's going to be a problem. But so far so good!

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Bargain Briana said...

We've had one similar for a few years and it is finally losing its charge so I'm in the market for a new one. We love having a hand held vacuum like this because we have the kid's clean up their own messes with it - that is what we mainly use it for. They make crumbs at dinner, they vacuum it up. It makes it easy for them because they don't have to lug out the Dyson. The one we do have is kind of heavy. I would like to find a lighter weight version for them! :)