Jul 8, 2008

Sunscreen isn't enough protection - you need clothing too

Since my kids looooove spending time outdoors, and especially love being in the pool, I was rather disturbed by a report today that sunscreen isn't that effective in preventing sun damage. A study by environmental group EWG shows that the most popular sunscreens (Coppertone, Banana Boat and Neutrogena) are the least effective, and that the best protection is clothing. So, I'll be buying new sunscreen for the family, probably the CVS Sunblock with Zinc Oxide, which is on EWG's list of recommended sunscreens.

Am I overreacting? Probably, but we do have a bit of a history of skin cancer in the family, and we are all extremely fair. I'd much rather be safe than sorry. And even though we don't need new sunblock (I bought a couple of sticks last week during the Coppertone deal at CVS), at least their store brand is less than $5. And there is a deal this week for buy one, get one 50% off on CVS brand suncare. Plus, there is a $2 off CVS brand skincare coupon and a $1 off CVS suncare coupon that that can be used for the transaction.

Thanks to Mommy Making Money for the coupon links!
Image credit: CVS.com.


Edi said...

My dad has melanoma so I try to be extra careful with the sun. One thing that ticks me off is that our local outdoor pool does not allow you to wear a dark colored t-shirt over your bathing suit (which could protect a bit) - but rather it has to be white.

I know it drives my family crazy when I insist on hats and sunscreen - but hopefully they'll realize I had their best interest at heart, someday :)

Chief Family Officer said...

@Edi - I drive my family bonkers too, but it's so important! The rule at the pool would bother me too - can you talk or write to management about it? Maybe provide supporting documentation for your point that dark clothing offers more protection (and subtly suggest that they might be exposing themselves unnecessarily to potential liability by preventing users from using the maximum protection from sun exposure)? Oh wait - do I sound like a lawyer? ;)