Jun 6, 2008

More Drugstore Game Resources

Last month, over at CFO Reviews, I posted a list of sites that I check to find out the latest drugstore deals. Since then, I've added a few more sites to my Google Reader that I think are worth sharing:
  • Centsible Shopper - Lots of Walgreens deals and general frugality articles.
  • A Full Cup - A forum site with "sticky" threads for the circulars (including future sales) and helpful posts (like CVS register logic). There are also lots of answers to questions you might have (such as, "Will this coupon work for this deal?") and deal ideas.
  • Hot Coupon World - Another forum site with deal ideas, answers to questions, and advance notice of what's going to be on sale. (Thanks to Mercedes for introducing me to HCW!)
Also, if you run into a situation where your ECBs don't print, you can call CVS ExtraCare customer service at 1-800-SHOP-CVS. Have your ExtraCare card number and your receipts in front of you when you call. I had to call this week when the ECBs for the Pampers and Bounty/Charmin/Duracell deal didn't print. The customer service representative pulled up my account, went through the information on the receipts with me, and told me she would "send it up," and that if I didn't hear from her, all was well, and my ECBs would print four days later. It's definitely not ideal, but better than losing the ECBs completely. I got my ECBs at the scanner at the front of the store so that I could use them right away instead of having to make a purchase so they would print at the register.

Similarly, if your Register Rewards don't print at Walgreens (and apparently this isn't uncommon), you can call Catalina customer service at 1-888-8coupon (select option 3) or use the online contact form at the Catalina web site. (Catalina is the name of the machine that prints the RRs and coupons out.)

Finally, some printable coupon tips:
  • If a coupon won't print, trying using a different browser. In other words, if you're using Firefox, try printing the coupon from Explorer, and vice versa. Thanks to More Than Enough for the tip!
  • If you don't need the coupon immediately or you're having trouble printing it, click on the "help" link. It will sometimes take you to a page where you can enter your mailing address, and the coupon will be sent to you. If that doesn't work, you can look for the company's contact information and ask to have the coupon sent to you (this doesn't always work but is worth trying). Thanks to My Good Cents for these tips!

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