May 18, 2008

Best of Chief Family Officer

I've been blogging for almost three years, so I thought it would be a good idea to assemble my best posts. If you like what you see here, why not subscribe to new posts via RSS or email? You'll get the latest on CFO delivered right to your inbox or favorite feed aggregator. (If you're new to reading blogs, start here.)

Money Management/Saving Money


Anonymous said...

Cathy, thanks for this list, I'm looking forward to going through it later.

Thanks for the continued encouragement on the baby front. I've seen some of those online groups and wondered if they might be helpful. I worry about getting too stuck in the past if I read too much about miscarriage at this point. It is encouraging to hear that everyone in your group has succeeded. I'm very hopeful, and I'm actually surprised sometimes by how well I'm doing with it all. (And then there are those other days. But I believe it will happen.)


Chief Family Officer said...

Thank you, Jennifer! You sound like you're in a pretty healthy place, mostly. I know it can be hard but after not only my own experience but those of the other women in my group, I am confident that you'll have a healthy, living baby if you keep trying. For me, the online group was a lifesaver, mostly because I didn't know anyone in real life that I could/would talk to, except my poor, darling husband, who just didn't quite get the depth of my pain. If you think it might help, I definitely encourage you to look for one!