Dec 31, 2007

PSA: Recycle Your Christmas Tree

This post is dedicated to a specific set of neighbors.

I interrupt my mini-blogging vacation to bring you this special announcement.

I hate seeing Christmas trees left out at the curb (it's illegal here, too). And there's absolutely no excuse for it when Los Angeles County makes it really easy to recycle your tree. To find a location, click here or call 1(888)CLEAN LA.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Anonymous said...

Okay, apparently we luck out in Baltimore County, Maryland. Our trees are picked up curbside and taken to the mulching/recycling place for us! I would hate to put a tree that's been drying out in my car!

Chief Family Officer said...

@Mar - Wow, you ARE lucky! You're right on about the tree - in the past when we had a live tree, we laid a big tarp in the trunk before putting the tree in.

Kelley Dennings said...

Same here in Raleigh, NC. We can put them at the curb and they are picked up for mulching. Thanks for the post about recycling. We all need to do it.

Chief Family Officer said...

Wow, I guess other parts of the country are more forgiving! Here, the trees don't get picked up at curbside by the city. So it's a municipal code violation to leave trees out, basically hoping someone will take care of the problem for you. It drives me batty that I now have TWO sets of neighbors doing this.