Jul 29, 2007

Organizing/Cleaning Games

Here are some suggestions to help make organizing, cleaning, or just about any project a little more fun:
  • The Task Bowl - Take 10 small pieces of paper and write down a task on eight of them. On the other 2, write down a fun activity. Fold the papers in half, put them in a bowl, mix them up, and pull one out. Complete the task or activity, then reach in for another piece of paper and repeat until all 10 pieces of paper are gone. This is best for small tasks and activities that you can accomplish in a fairly short time span.
  • Sticker Chart - You probably know all about sticker charts if you have kids, so how about making one for yourself? Give yourself a sticker for each task you complete and give yourself a treat when you accumulate a certain number of stickers.
  • Beat the Clock - Set a timer and challenge yourself to accomplish a task or set of tasks before the timer goes off. Alternatively, the time limit could be set by a certain number of songs played on the radio or the length of a CD. Even if you don't complete the task, you've gotten off to a good start and will be more likely to finish (and you can always re-start the timer).
  • Swap tasks with a partner or family member. You can each agree to do something the other person hates doing (for example, in our family, Marc cleans the bathrooms and I vacuum).
Adapated from the latest issue of the Get Organized Now newsletter.

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