Jul 27, 2007

Easy, No Mess Omelets

I found this tip on the America's Cheapest Family site. I can't wait to try it sometime to see if it really works:
This works great-it's an easy way to prepare several omelets without waiting for the frying pan to be available. First, start a large pot of water up to boil. Then have each person write their name on a quart sized plastic freezer zippered bag. Crack two eggs into the bag and shake to mix them up. Set out bowls with various toppings in them: cheeses, ham, onion, green pepper, tomato, hash browns, salsa, etc. Each person puts their favorite toppings into their bag. Remove all air from the bag and zip it up securely. Place the bags into rolling, boiling water for exactly thirteen minutes. You can usually cook six to eight omelets in a large pot. If you need to do more, use a second pot or do two rounds of cooking. Open the bags and the omelet will easily roll out. The first time you do this everyone will be amazed. Serve with fresh fruit, coffee cake and conversation.
Update 8/6/07: Judy at GoodyBlog just told me that according to Ziploc's web site, their bags aren't safe for boiling.


Anonymous said...

That's a great idea! :)

It's just my wife and I at home, so the frying pan is easiest, but when our family grows, or when we have visitors, I think this is the way to go!

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

My thoughts exactly - this is perfect for a crowd! (But I'll need to test this on my family first - I'm just waiting for the right day. Hm, maybe this will be dinner sometime next week.)